. Prerequisite to World Cooperation:

i. Respect the sovereignty and values of other states. law and human rights.

ii. No violation of international

iii. Hate speech needs to be discouraged. iv. Utmost regard to cultural, social and religious diversity and sentiments.

To sustain the world cooperation some kind of binding force is needed.

Challenges faced by the today’s world can work as a binding force.

Challenges that requires world cooperation:

L Global warming


iii. Poverty, food insecurity

iv. Arms race

V. Natural and man-made calamities

vi. Unemployment

Consequences of disunity and disintegration:

L World War I

World War II

Steps require to enhance world cooperation:

Hegemonic designs of big powers should be discouraged.

iv. No country can supersede United Nations decision.

V. Bottom-up approach: people-to-people interaction.



Introduction: At the present stage where the world has shrunk to a global village and where challenges are the biggest ever faced by human beings, man needs to learn to live together.

United Nations needs to be made a fully independent and all the powerful world organization.

1. IL Exploitative policies of international institutions need to be stopped.51


The benefits of unity and integration among human beings have always inspired humans to

live together. During the initial stages of evolution, family was the basic and the most fundamental unit of society that learned to live together Living together gave human beings grength and made them strong enough to face the challenges presented by the external world. With the exacerbation of challenges, the need to enhance the vigour of human community was felt which was catered by living in the form of tribes instead of isolated families. Tribal unity further strengthened man in overcoming the bigger issues related to food shortage and insecurity from the hostile surroundings. Some members of the tribe were assigned the responsibility of farming, while others were given the job of providing the security to the whole tribe and so on and so forth.

By this division of labour, achieving a better version of life was made possible. Later on, a stage came, when man started facing even bigger threats in the form of natural or man-made calamities. These were such big issues that could not be curbed by the tribes separately. Under these circumstances, the bigger and bigger units of human community were emerged where various tribes joined hands together to form empires or nations. Definitely. empires or nations with bigger resources were better equipped and way more powerful to minimize the damages of such calamities.

At all stages of human history, man learned to live together which secured his survival and progress that could not be achieved by any other living being. Therefore, at the present stage where the world has shrunk to a global village and where challenges are biggest ever faced by human beings, man needs to learn to live together. Today, the challenges like global warming, terrorism, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and food insecurity cannot be resolved by nations separately. All the nations and individuals have to cooperate in all possible manners to defeat the insurmountable challenges. The process of learning to live together cannot be achieved without fulfilling its essential pre-requisites. The basic requirements for co-existence may it be at domestic or international

level, are the same. At the domestic level, every member has to respect other’s feelings, sentiments, views and beliefs. At the international level, when the target is to promote co- existence among countries belonging to different regions and cultures, every state has to respect the sovereignty and cultural values of other states. The international laws and human rights need not to be violated under any pretext. All those hate-mongers who spread hate must be discouraged. Above and beyond, diversity in cultural, social and religious aspects should be respected. If all the states and individuals value these essentials of peaceful co-existence, living together would not be a difficult task to materialize. families, there is an

Once these prerequisites of co-existence are materialized, there needs to be a binding force that keeps on motivating every member of the community to live together. In inherent binding force of blood that keeps members together. Same is the case with tribes and nations where binding forces are culture and land. However, for the whole globalised world such

kind of strong bonding force needs to be explony Tecallenges faced by the world and the w joint effort to meet these challenges can ing force Every nation and indivi be made aware of the fact that there is no opte her than learning to live together

of a must Today, the world is facing a host of challenges and to see them, man needs to lear together. Global warming is the foremost challenge, faced by today’s globalised world. Is mitigate its catastrophic outcomes, a collective action by the global community is required A wider international consensus is required to reduce the carbon emission and other acts that contribute towards the global warming. Otherwise, in coming years, the health, economy d ecology of the whole world will be at a greater risk. The seventy of the matter can be assessed by the words of President Obama:

“No challenge poses a greater threat to our future than a changing climate.” Moreover, the environmentalists believe that the prescht generation is the la generation that is collectively capable of fighting and reducing the devastating results of globa warming. The next generation would only be the victim of global warming not the saviour. This the present generation world-wide needs to learn to live together to resolve the issue at hand. The individualistic approach and isolated efforts will prove to be futile in this regard major challenge faced by the world community. Owing to rule of law and human rights have

Today, terrorism is another terrorism, murder of innocent civilians and violation of become a daily affair. The gravity of the situation can be gauged by the fact that the scourge of terrorism is widespread all across the continents. Terrorist organizations reside and operate in all the continents and they coordinate with each other in planning and executing the acts of terrorism When the enemy of humanity is united, the human beings throughout the world need to unite as well. Terrorism is a global scourge with global effects; a global resolve is needed to curtail it. For this, the world community needs to act with determination to address, indeed resolve, the political disputes and longstanding conflicts which underlie support for terrorism. In addition to this, it needs to put an internationalized defence against terrorist organizations. Otherwise, the dream of a terror free world will remain clusive. Moreover, the global cooperation is also needed for addressing the issues of poverty.

illiteracy and food insecurity. These issues have been addressed by various regions of the world with concerted efforts. For instance, European Union (EU) has minimised its poverty ratio and enhanced its literacy rate over a short span of time through economic and political coordination amongst its member states. These countries are now food surplus which were once food deficit. ASEAN another regional organization of countries is gaining huge benefits in economic, social and political fields owing to its vision of living together. These organizations consist of merely few regional countries. Still, they are achieving wonders. In a bigger picture, when all the countries of the world will work together as supporters instead of competitors, the issues of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and food insecurity will be addressed worldwide. No doubt, this globalised world, every individual

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