1. Introduction: The characteristics of commercialism tread on man’s moral values.

2. Owing to commercialism, man has drifted from market economies to market societies

3. Commercialism of health, education and media has created class differences

Commercialism uses objects and human beings for profit making and at times, the

difference between both becomes blur:

L Woman is used as a commodity which is a compromise on her dignity.

ii. Labour of underdeveloped countries is treated in such a way as they are not living beings:

5. Commercialism and brand consciousness have ended the era of share sacrifice for common good.

i. When 10 million children across the globe die owing to hunger annually, advertising companies are luring people to buy luxury items and designers clothes.

ii. It creates “me only” world at the cost of collectivism.

iil. Advertisements purposefully promote envy, create anxiety and fosters security among its viewers.

6. Commercialism has posed a grave threat to world peace and healthy environment:

L Wars are in the vested interest of stakeholders of defense industry

ii. In the race to produce more, manufacturers are ignoring safety standards and thus, causing environmental pollution.

7. Commercialism of entertainment industry has adversely affected the social relations

8. Social websites like FaceBook and Google breach the privacy of their users for marketing purposes.

9. Conclusion

Commercialism promotes artificial and obsessional wants, urges ceaseless spending ag justifies man’s desire for profit maximization. These characteristics of commercialism tha man’s moral values. Owing to commercialism, moral and civic values, human rights, a norms and laws have been breached. Today, almost everything is up for sale and can be b with money.

Fundamental necessities like health and education are easily accessible to b privileged class, whereas, the destitute are left to their fate. Moreover, objects and human being are equally used for profit making purposes and in this race to maximize the profit, at times, the difference between both becomes blur. In addition to this, media has digressed from its duty to present the truth and highlight the hardships of the masses. It presents such sensation news which can earn high rating for it. Commercialism has ended the era of share sacrifice for common good. Above and beyond, world peace and healthy environment are at a greater threat when tobacco companies and defence industry are allowed to operate on commercial basis Furthermore, social websites are invading the privacy of their users for marketing purpose which is a sheer violation of basic human rights. This all speaks volumes about the fact th commercialism has damaged the moral and civic value of mankind.

To begin with, owing to commercialism, man has drifted from market economies to marke societies. Market economies are a useful tool for maximum production. This ensures enough supplies for the ever-growing population. However, market societies are places where almo everything is up for sale. One can buy even man’s loyalty, and political and social support with money. This all has adversely affected the social relations and civic values of mankind. Price ta has been placed even on human activities. Consequently, those relations which should be treated with affection and love are now governed on the basis of market values. This all shows that how moral values have been affected due to overly commercialization of almost everything.

Moreover, commercialism of basic facilities has created class difference which accelerates growing disparities between the poor and the rich. Commercialism of health sector has affected social norms and moral values adversely. The modern health facilities are scarcely available to the poor. Highly expensive and commercialized health facilities are not accessible to the downtrodden segment of the society even at the time of deadliest diseases. On the other hand those who have money can buy even human organs at the time of need. In other words commercialism suggests the poor that if they cannot afford, please die. However, ideally, the role of health facilities should be to ensure the poor that they will not die only because of the reason that they cannot afford. This shows that how commercialism of health sector creates class difference which is quite detrimental to moral values of human beings.

Furthermore, commercialism of education also negatively affects the moral values of man

This is because of the reason that equal and modern education is the basic right of every.

individual. This inalienable right has been given to every person by the character of the United Nations as well as by the constitutions of almost every country. Nevertheless, owing to commercialism of education sector, this right has been snatched from the poor children. A big number of needy children are out of schools only because of the reason that they cannot afford tuition fees. On the other hand, the children of the elite class can even get admission into IVY League Universities by paying hefty amount of royalties. As a result, scholars, intellectuals and accomplished professionals of our time are mostly from the elite class. This is a disturbing fact that commercialism has made highly difficult for poor children to attain education which is their most basic right.

In addition to commercialism of health and education, the commercialism of media has also affected the moral values of man in not-so-a-good manner. The actual duty of media is to present truth to its viewers and show hardships of the masses. It is also expected to play a role of watchdog over the governments. However, media groups in the race to gain high rating and maximum advertisement have forgotten their true job. It started playing at the hands of wealthy individuals. It does not highlight evils of the society. Instead, it shows that version of the story which suits to its sponsors and investors. In this way, the masses are ignored and their issues remained unsolved. This creates frustration among the masses. Thereby, it is stated that commercialism of health, education and media favours the wealthy people which creates class difference and thus, leads to moral degradation of a society.

Another harmful consequence of commercialism on moral values is that it uses both objects and human beings equally for profit making purpose. In the race to make money, at times, the difference between the objects and human beings becomes blur. The foremost victim of commercialism is woman. She is used as a commodity by the marketing agencies. She is being presented as a weaker individual who can be lured easily by a man. For instance, in some advertisements, it has been shown that a man can attract a woman by using a certain product. To show that woman can be impressed by material things is against the dignity of a woman. Moreover, it is against the moral values and norms of a sophisticated society. Unfortunately, the greed for earning maximum wealth and selling products brought down advertisement companies to such a level where they use woman as a commodity which is against the moral dignity of mankind.

Similarly, the multi-national companies (MNCs) have established their production units in the

Third World countries because in these countries labour is cheap. These companies treat the labour of

under-developed countries in such a way as they are not living beings. The labour is not provided with

pleasant working condition. They are not ensured respectable living standards. Their salaries and other

incentives are lower than international standards. Conversely, the multinational companies treat the

labour of developed countries with dignity. They provide them with decent salaries, incentives,

working conditions and health facilities. Different treatment of two human beings by the

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